CPHFS membership is open to anyone working in the field of public health and Food Safety and is a widely recognised mark of commitment.

Types of Membership

Ordinary Member

Any person having the requisite academic/ professional qualification associated with the Sector and further intending to work with the Society for the achievement its objectives.

Membership Fee (For One Year) : ₹ 1205/- (including service tax)



Corporate Member

Any public or private companies working in the Sector or interested as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Scheme can avail the corporate membership.

Membership Fee (For One Year) : ₹ 12050/- (including service tax)



Institutional Member

Any academic or cultural body or local body constituted by local governing bodies, including a university, department, registered society or trust interested in academic, cultural or social work in the Sector.

Membership Fee (For One Year) : ₹ 1205/- (including service tax)





Student Member

For students undertaking a full time undergraduate or post-graduate qualification in public health or a related discipline.

Membership Fee (For One Year) : ₹ 603/- (including service tax)



Life Member

Any person, other than nominated and Honorary Member, having one or more of the following qualifications and having attained age of 21 years shall be eligible to be a Life Member of the Association. The CPHFS has the discretion to reject any application without ascribing any reasons.

Membership Fee (For Twenty Years) : ₹ 24100/- (including service tax)

International Member

International Members being those Individuals, Firms, Associations, Institutions from other countries who are interested to work in the field of Public Health and Food Safety.

Membership Fee (For One Year) : ₹ 47300/- (including service tax)



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You can apply offline also. Please Download application form and send it to the address along with requisite documents and Membership fee.